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Automotive & Defence Safety / Environmental Legislation Consultants

Case studies of vehicle homologation & legislative compliance

Burgess Consulting is currently involved in the provision of legislative guidance and compliance auditing to a number of projects which include:



  • Working with DE&S' Combat Wheels Group, we have conducted a legislative compliance review of the full range of their Protected Mobility Team's fleet of protected vehicles. A key element of the review was the provision of cost effective engineering recommendations to rectify current non compliances.
  • Prepared a legislation compliance assessment of the FUCHS (AS&R) braking and seating systems as well as a Safety and Environmental Assessment
  • Assisting with legislative compliance requirements for the MoD’s Mechanised Infantry Vehicle (MIV).


  • Coordination and management of an EMC Type Approval /CE certification programme of the AeroGlow Vehicle Emergency Lighting System (VELS) HaLO System to the requirements of ECE Regulation 10 and 2004/108/EC.

Morgan Advanced Materials

  • Providing legislation compliance support to Morgan Advanced Materials who have been contracted to provide Post Design Services (PDS) activity on the Cougar family of vehicles operated by the UK Armed Forces.

General Dynamics

  • Providing ongoing legislation compliance support to General Dynamics UK and European Land Systems as part of the UK MoD's £3.3 billion Scout AJAX Armoured Fighting Vehicle programme.

Rheinmetall Defence

  • Providing ongoing legislation compliance and Safety support to the Challenger 2 Life Extension Programme (CR2 LEP)

Supacat Ltd

  • Working with Supacat's design team since 2007, we continue to provide legislative compliance support, hazard identification and risk management on their Lifeboat Launch & Recovery programme.
  • Support to design engineers in the development and modification of a Mercedes Sprinter chassis cab into a Protected Equipment and Personnel Transit Vehicle. Modifications to the vehicle required its safe use in ATEX Zone 2 areas on offshore oil drilling platforms overseas.
  • Provided type approval for modifications to the ‘Nary’ Special Operations Vehicle as part of the Australian Defence Force’s REDFIN programme, ensuring RVCS requirements were met.


  • Providing ongoing legislation compliance support for Jankel as part of the Belgium MoD’s programme to upgrade their military fleet with Jankel Fox Rapid Reaction vehicles (RRV) and Light Troop Transport vehicles (LTTV).


  • Provided legislative compliance support and a safety assessment of the NIMR JAIS 6x6 Armoured Vehicle in order to facilitate worldwide sales.


TEVVA Motors

  • Co-ordination of appropriate legislative compliance support and certification for the installation of a modified post-registration electric powertrain.
  • Further compliance support in adapting Leyland DAF trucks to meet National Small Series Type Approval or IVA.


  • Providing Safety, Environmental, Road and Automotive legislative compliance support for Zapinamo’s flagship ZUPA Mobile EV Charging System and energy storage systems.

HIPPO Multipower

  • Providing European Whole Vehicle Type Approval for the HIPPO-X to meet EU 167/2013 requirements for the Agricultural Vehicle Sector.

Event Washrooms

  • EWVTA 2007/46 EC for O1 and O2 Trailers, including conformity of production and Quality Management Systems.


  •  EWVTA 2007/46 EC for O1 and O2 Trailers