Vehicle Homologation & Legislative Compliance Projects

Burgess Consulting is currently involved in the provision of legislative guidance and compliance auditing to a number of projects which include:



  • Working with DE&S’ Combat Wheels Group, we have conducted a legislative compliance review of the full range of their Protected Mobility Team’s fleet of protected vehicles. A key element of the review was the provision of cost effective engineering recommendations to rectify current non compliances.
  • Prepared a legislation compliance assessment of the FUCHS (AS&R) braking and seating systems as well as a Safety and Environmental Assessment
  • Assisting with legislative compliance requirements for the MoD’s Mechanised Infantry Vehicle (MIV).

Rheinmetall Defence

  • Providing ongoing Legislation Compliance and Safety support to the Challenger 2 Life Extension Programme (CR2 LEP)
  • Providing a full Legislation Compliance Assessment (LCA) for their MAN Support Vehicle following the Defence Land Safety Regulator Guide.

Supacat Ltd

  • Working with Supacat’s design team since 2007, we continue to provide legislative compliance support, hazard identification and risk management on their Lifeboat Launch & Recovery programme.
  • Provided type approval for modifications to the ‘Nary’ Special Operations Vehicle as part of the Australian Defence Force’s REDFIN programme, ensuring RVCS requirements were met.


  • Providing ongoing legislation compliance support for Jankel as part of the Belgium MoD’s programme to upgrade their military fleet with Jankel Fox Rapid Reaction vehicles (RRV) and Light Troop Transport vehicles (LTTV).


  • Assisting KMW in homologation/road legislation compliance for the BOXER UK MIV through a Legislation Compliance Assessment and on-platform inspection of UK specification prototypes.


  • Assessed in MoD’s Spiral 2 Remote Patrol Vehicle against legislative and defence standards, to identify and reduce hazards/impacts.
  • Ensured the Spot Robotic Dogs training system complies with the current MOD Safety and Environmental policies as well as Safety and Environmental legislation.


SC Group- Victor Mobility

  • Assisted in the production of the electric mobility scooter in fulfilling a number of safety requirements from a design and construction perspective.

SC Group- Specialist Vehicle Research and Development Ltd

  • Researched and reported on the worldwide legislative requirements for the Retriever All-Terrain Amphibious Vehicle and conducted an initial safety review on the platform.

Redline Campers

  • Reviewing and developing the existing quality management systems to fulfil both ISO 9001 requirements and Conformity of production requirements to achieve GB National Small Series Type Approval on their VW Campervans.

RP Motorhomes

  • Implementing a Quality Management System that meets ISO 9001:2015 to achieve GB National Small Series Type Approval for their Mercedes based luxury Motorhomes

Purple Line AU

  • Implemented a quality management system that meets ISO 9001:2015 that achieved Australia Design Rules Type Approval for their Opus Range Camper Trailers.