GB Type Approval

All vehicles sold in Great Britain will be required to possess GB Type Approval from the VCA as established through S.I 2022 No. 1273 which came into force on 31st December 2022. The legislation already applies to existing types and new types from 1st February 2024 for certain categories as its phased in. When you need to apply will depend on your provisional approval status and when changes are made to the vehicle which would require you to obtain full approval.

Manufacturers are required to have a GB Type Approval for relevant system, component, vehicle, or trailer.  This application should consist of an information document and suitable evidence demonstrating compliance. Alongside this application, you are required to hold appropriate Conformity of Production (CoP) clearance for the scope applied for.

Burgess Consulting Limited specialise in helping manufacturers understand the key difference of GB approval, compile the application and manage GB Type approvals including obtaining GB Conformity of Production which is required to hold a full GB approval.

 Authorised representative

To hold a GB Type Approval the approval holder will need to be based in Great Britain.  If they are not, then a representative must be appointed who is.

For UK(NI) type approvals, manufacturers based outside of NI, or the EU must have an NI-based or EU-based manufacturer’s representative.

BCL can provide authorised representative services to obtain GB type approvals through our UK branch and EU/UK(NI) type approvals through BCL EU Registered in Ireland.